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Editorial Board and Reviewers of the Current Issue


Current Issue: Volume 18, Issue 1, Winter 2020 

Research Paper

1. Greener Synthesis of Rod Shaped Zinc Oxide NPs Using Lilium ledebourii Tuber and Evaluation of Their Leishmanicidal Activity

Pages 1-5


Mehrdad Khatami; Sanaz Khatami; Farideh Mosazade; Mahammadali Raisi; Mojtaba Haghighat; Mohamad Sabaghan; Sajad Yaghoubi; Mina Sarani; Mehdi Bamorovat; Leila Malekian; Afsoon Naroi; Rajender Varma

2. Development and Application of an Immunocapture PCR Diagnostic Assay Based on the Monoclonal Antibody for the Detection of Shigella

Pages 6-15


Liding Zhang; Xuewei Du; Qiujiang Wei; Qinqin Han; Qiang Chen; Mi Zhang; Xueshan Xia; Yuzhu Song; Jinyang Zhang

5. Modeling, Mutagenesis and In-silico Structural Stability Assay of the Model of Superoxide Dismutase of Lactococcus Lactis Subsp. Cremoris MG1363

Pages 32-41


Nazanin Gholampour-Faroji; Monir-sadat Shakeri; Jafar Hemmat; Mohammad Rastegar-Moghadam; Aliakbar Haddad-Mashadrizeh

6. Characterization of the Potential Probiotic Vibrio sp. V33 Antagonizing Vibrio Splendidus Based on Iron Competition

Pages 42-50


Ningning Liu; Tongxiang Song; Shanshan Zhang; Huijie Liu; Xuelin Zhao; Yina Shao; Chenghua Li; Weiwei Zhang

Research Paper

10. Parallelizing Assignment Problem with DNA Strands

Pages 73-78


Babak Khorsand; Abdorreza Savadi; Mahmoud Naghibzadeh