Volume & Issue: Volume 15, Issue 1 - Serial Number 57, January 2017 
In Silico Perspectives on the Prediction of the PLP’s Epitopes involved in Multiple Sclerosis

Pages 10-21


zahra zamanzadeh; Mitra Ataei; Seyed Massood Nabavi; Ghasem Ahangaria; Mehdi Sadeghi; Mohammad Hosein Sanati

Cloning, Overexpression and in vitro Antifungal Activity of Zea Mays PR10 Protein

Pages 42-49


Niloofar Zandvakili; Mohammadreza Zamani; Mostafa Motallebi; Zahra Moghaddassi Jahromi

Production of Erythropoietin-specific polyclonal Antibodies

Pages 50-57


Kourosh Maboudi; Seyedeh Marzieh Hosseini; Mina Sepahi; Hashem Yaghoubi; Shahin Hadadian

Brief Report

Selective Isolation and Screening of Actinobacteria Strains Producing Lignocellulolytic Enzymes Using Olive Pomace as Substrate

Pages 74-77


Lamia MEDOUNI-HAROUNE; Farid ZAIDI; Sonia MEDOUNI-ADRAR; Sevastianos ROUSSOS; Samia AZZOUZ; Véronique Desseaux; Mouloud KECHA