Volume & Issue: Volume 16, Issue 3, August 2018, Pages 164-240 
Molecular Engineering of the Geobacillus stearothermophilus α-Amylase and Cel5E from Chlostridium thermocellim; In Silico Approach

Pages 185-192


Ibrahim Torktaz; Jafar Hemmat; Ali Asghar Karkhane; Garshasb Rigi; Amin Rostami; Jafar Khezri; Reza Behroozi

Bioremediation of a Drilling Waste-Contaminated Soil; Biotreatability Assessment and Microcosm Optimization for Developing a Field-Scale Remediation Process

Pages 193-199


Masumeh Shaeyan; Hassan Tirandaz; Somayeh Ghanbarpour; Nasim Seyedipour; Mahmoud Shavandi; Seyed Mohammad Mehdi Dastgheib

Heat Shock Protein 60: Identification of an Undetected Allergen from Dermatophagoides farinae

Pages 235-240


Zongmin Liao; Haijuan Liu; Jian Liu; Mingsheng Cai; Tao Chen; Qing Hong; Xiaodong Luo; Xiaomin Li; Xue Ding; Haoxian Shen; Daixiong Chen