Microbial cell surface display; its medical and environmental applications


1 Department of Molecular Genetics, National Institute of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (NIGEB), P.O.Box 14965/161, Tehran, I.R. Iran.

2 Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Advanced Science and Technologies, University of Isfahan, 81746-73441, Isfahan, I.R. Iran.


Cell-surface display is the expression of peptides and proteins on the surface of living cells by fusing them to
functional components of cells which are exposed to the environment of cells. This strategy can be carried
out using different surface proteins of cells as anchoring motifs and different proteins from different sources
as a passenger protein. It is a promising strategy for developing novel whole cell factories. Surface engineered
cells have many potential uses ranging from medical to environmental applications. This review focuses on different strategy and applications of microbial surface display.