Effect of Host Src-kinase Inhibition on Replication of Coxsackievirus B3 in vitro

Document Type : Brief Report


Biotechnology Research Center, P.O. Box: 19395-1949,Tehran, Iran.


There are evidence showing a relationship between host Src kinase activation and viral (CVB3) replication, which are based on the observation that inhibition in the enzyme activity could result in inhibition of viral
replication. The present study assessed the effect of Src kinase inactivation on viral replication at different
stages of infection. It was observed that the Src kinase activity is necessary for the initiation of viral replication. In this study HeLa cell lines were treated with 5 and 10 μM herbimycin A (Src kinase inhibitor) with a time schedule of -90´, -60´, -30´, 0´, +15´, +30´, +45´, ...+210 minutes. All cultures were infected with CVB3 at zero-minute (+ve sign indicates that herbimycin A was added after infection with CVB3). The reaction was terminated after 24 h, cells were then detached from petri plates with trypsin/EDTA. Viral replication was
monitored using a set of specific primers and the plaque formation unit (PFU) count. In cells pretreated
with herbimycin A before infection viral replication was inhibited. However addition of herbimycin A after infection did not affect viral replication.