Identification of Novel miRNAs in the F8 Gene Via Bioinformatics Tools

Document Type : Brief Report


Department of Cell and Molecular Biology and Microbiology, Faculty of Biological Science and Technology, University of Isfahan, Iran


Background: Hemophilia A is an X-linked bleeding disorder resulting in a deficiency of plasma clotting factor VIII and caused by mutations in the FVIII gene (F8 gene). MicroRNAs (miRNAs) in body fluids are promising biomarker candidates for Hemophilia A, due to their stability in body fluids and accessibility by non- or minimally-invasive procedures. Therefore; Advances in miRNA analysis methods resulted in a wide range of publications on miRNAs as putative biomarkers. Objective: Here we tried to scan the F8 gene region to predict a novel miRNA and identify it as a regulator of the F8 gene. Materials and Methods: To this aim, the ability to express novel miRNAs in F8 locus was assessed via reliable bioinformatics databases such as SSCprofiler, RNAfold, miREval, FOMmiR, MaturBayes, miRFIND, UCSC genome browser, Deep Sequencing, and miRBase. Results: Data analysis from the relevant databases offers one stem-loop structure that is predicted to express a novel miRNA. Conclusions: The diagnosis of Hemophilia A with the help of these types of biomarkers is a non-invasive procedure that has been demonstrated to have a significant role in the early diagnosis of the disease. Hopefully, the proposed candidate sequence will be confirmed in vitro and become a non-invasive biomarker in the near future.


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