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Editorial Board and Reviewers of Volume 20 (2022), Issue 1


Editorial Board and Reviewers of Volume 20 (2022), Issue 2


Editorial Board and Reviewers of Volume 20 (2022), Issue 3


Editorial Board and Reviewers of Volume 20 (2022), Issue 4


Editorial Board and Reviewers of Volume 21 (2023), Issue 1


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Current Issue: Volume 21, Issue 2, April 2023 

Research Paper

Construction of an STK11 Mutation and Immune-Related Prognostic Prediction Model in Lung Adenocarcinoma

Pages 1-14


Bo Tang; Xia Zhao; Hongbing Liu; Qingfeng Zhang; Kui Liu; Xiaoyan Yang; Yun Huang

Multi-Objective Optimization of Copper Bioleaching: Comparative Study of Pure and Co-Cultured Cultivation

Pages 27-37


Yasin Rakhshani; Sayyed Shahryar Rahpeyma; Fatemeh Tabandeh; Mahmood Arabnezhad; Ali Azimi; Jamshid Raheb

Efficient CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated BAX Gene Ablation in CHO Cells To Impair Apoptosis and Enhance Recombinant Protein Production

Pages 75-86


Amirabbsa Rahimi; Morteza Karimipour; Reza Mahdian; Atefeh Alipour; Saadi Hosseini; Marzieh Mohammadi; Hooman Kaghazian; Abdolrahim Abbasi; Hosein Shahsavarani; Mohammad Ali Shokrgozar

Response Surface Methodology to Optimize the Expression Efficiency of Recombinant Reteplase

Pages 105-116


Farhad Farzaneh; Sako Mirzaie; Ehsan Dehnavi; Mojtaba Aghaeepoor; Shirin Farzaneh; Navid Pourzardosht; Saeed Khalili