Optimizing the Preparation Procedure of Recombinant PSCA, as a Practical Biomarker in Prostate Cancer

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Medical Biotechnology, Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Background: The unique expression pattern of prostate stem cell antigen (PSCA) in a number of prevalent neoplasms has made the antigen a great target for cancer researches, and many clinical methods have been developed based on the application of this tumor marker. Hence, optimal PSCA laboratory production can be considered a hallmark for many researchers. Objective: An analytical study was designed to improve the quality and quantity of PSCA production. Materials and Methods: The effects of different compositions of lysis buffers and some ultrasound durations were assessed by calculation of the protein recovery followed by PSCA specific blotting experiments. Then, based on the results of the webbased characterization, interference removal, followed by re-solubilization of the protein in various buffers, was designed, applied, and assessed. Results: Since the selection of an appropriate methodology depends merely on the research purposes, we tried to discuss the pros and cons of the investigated methods according to the hydrophobic nature of PSCA as well as its dramatic tendency to aggregate in the form of inclusion bodies in the expression hosts. Conclusions: We introduced a newly designed method to fit the delicate immunological surveys and overcome some limiting factors in PSCA production.


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