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Editorial Board and Reviewers of Volume 20 (2022), Issue 1


Editorial Board and Reviewers of Volume 19 (2021), Issue 4


Editorial Board and Reviewers of Volume 19 (2021), Issue 3


Editorial Board and Reviewers of Volume 19 (2021), Issue 2





Current Issue: Volume 20, Issue 1, Winter 2022, Pages 1-105 

Review Paper

1. Cymbidium Mosaic Virus Infecting Orchids: What, How, and What Next?

Pages 1-11


Mohd Shakir Mohamad Yusop; Zeti-Azura Mohamed-Hussein; Ahmad Bazli Ramzi; Hamidun Bunawan

Research Paper

2. Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Enhance Drought Tolerance in Wheat via Physio-Biochemical Changes and Stress Genes Expression

Pages 12-24


Seyedeh Yalda Raeisi Sadati; Sodabeh Jahanbakhsh Godehkahriz; Ali Ebadi; Mohammad Sedghi

5. Experimental Study on Microbial Induced Calcium Carbonate Precipitation to Enhance Reservoir Recovery

Pages 46-55


Ming Zhong; Baolei Liu; Lianfeng Zhang; Jiamngtao Wang; Jun Chen; Jinyang Li; Yaru Liu; Liting Ming

6. Mechanism of Cr (VI) Reduction by Pichia Guilliermondii ZJH-1

Pages 56-65


Kongli Hao; Zihui Zhang; Binsong Wang; Jie Zhang; Guocai Zhang